Refund Policy

All our jewels are guaranteed for 3 months from the moment of purchase.
Warranty changes or repairs are made due to manufacturing problems and you must send us a photo of the product to the email , explaining the reason why you want to use the warranty. We will study the case in a period of 5 working days and we will inform you if the part will be covered by the guarantee or not. No repairs or changes are made if misuse or damage of the parts by the customer is evidenced.
No changes or replacements are made, if the piece has undergone any modification or change
Repairs take 2 to 3 weeks.
Shipping costs for repairs and warranties are borne by the customer.
Once the warranty time has expired and if you want to make a repair or plate your part again, these have a low cost
It is clarified that the bathrooms tend to wear out over time, so in this case only the stipulated time of 3 months as a guarantee applies.
For a long life of our pieces, we recommend you read the recommendations for their care.