<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral Earring</transcy>
Luisa Soto Joyeria

Spiral Earring

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Spiral Earrings
Handmade piece
The idea for this collection came to Luisa Soto from wanting to pay homage to her father in life, and that is why she begins to observe the shape of the letter S of her surname and begins to investigate its meanings and with what was related, finding that said letter is related to the breadth of consciousness or the narrowness of ideas. In other words, if you are a closed-minded person, you will not accept opinions different from yours. Fortunately in this case we are open-minded.
Observing in this letter a relationship of continuity as the symbol of infinity. And with all this, he begins to handle the spirals in various ways, which seek to convey the idea of continuity of having an open mind to change.
  • 24K Gold Plated Bronze
  • Silver 950
Dimensions (Unit)
24K Gold Plated Bronze
  • Approximate length: 3.7 cm
  • Approximate width: 1.4 cm
  • Approximate weight: 3.9 gr
Silver 950 medium size
  • Approximate length: 3.8 cm
  • Approximate width: 2.2 cm
  • Approximate weight: 9.5 gr
Silver 950 small size
  • Approximate length: 2.8 cm
  • Approximate width: 1.7 cm
  • Approximate weight: 5.1 gr
Avoid contact with lotions, creams, chemicals, do not enter the sea or swimming pools with them on
Store them in their original packaging separate from other parts.
Avoid wearing them during exercise
The pieces with their daily use can change color, depending on the sweat, the place where you live if it is a very humid place like the coast
It is important that the pieces plated or in silver only, so that they can preserve their color for a longer time, you wash them with baking soda and water, and then dry very well with a clean cloth. You can also shine them with silver cloths
Silver pieces with patina should not be immersed in any type of chemicals, and should be cleanedalone with a silver clothonly the part that is not painted.
They are lacquered to protect the colors

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