Aretes Rosa Triple Grandes
Aretes Rosa Triple Grandes
Aretes Rosa Triple Grandes
Aretes Rosa Triple Grandes
Luisa Soto Joyeria

Aretes Rosa Triple Grandes

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Pieza Hecha a Mano

Una visión moderna de la belleza de una flor, su ligereza, movimiento y la forma que hay detrás de este componente natural, al ser nuestro referente de diseño para esta colección.

Estos aretes son muy versátiles y se pueden usar de 4 formas o más, ya que se pueden separar todas sus partes y armar varias combinaciones, para lucir de diferentes formas todos los días de la semana.



  • Plata 950 
  • Bronce enchapado en oro de 24 quilates

Dimensiones Arete Completo (Unidad)

  • Ancho aproximado: 3.5 cm
  • Largo aproximado : 3.5 cm
  • Peso aproximado del par : 8.7 gr

Dimensiones Rosa Sola en Plata 950 

  • Diámetro aproximado: 2 cm
  • Peso aproximado: 5.2 gr
Avoid contact with lotions, creams, chemicals, do not enter the sea or swimming pools with them on
Store them in their original packaging separate from other parts.
Avoid wearing them during exercise
The pieces with their daily use can change color, depending on the sweat, the place where you live if it is a very humid place like the coast
It is important that the pieces plated or in silver only, so that they can preserve their color for a longer time, you wash them with baking soda and water, and then dry very well with a clean cloth. You can also shine them with silver cloths
Silver pieces with patina should not be immersed in any type of chemicals, and should be cleanedalone with a silver clothonly the part that is not painted.
They are lacquered to protect the colors

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